Top 5 Reasons Why I think SQL Server on Linux is Legit

Here are my top 5 reasons why I thing SQL Server on Linux is Legit!

  1. SQL Server on Linux is Fast – Earlier this year SQL Server on Linux posted the fasted 1TB TPC-H benchmark in the world and at the end of October posted the a 10TB result! Check out the results here and some info on how they did it here and here.
  2. It’s tunable – From and OS standpoint, I think the “tunability” of the operating system is more well documented and well known on Linux. Check out Microsoft’s recommendations here and also Redhat’s here.
  3. Features – If you’re a developer in the Linux ecosphere, this is the reason why you’re evaluating using SQL Server on Linux…there’s likely a feature you want…that you can now have. Check them out here!
  4. Enterprise Support – I like cruising around in forums just like anybody else, but sometimes you have to call support to bring in the people that actually wrote the software.
  5. Availability Solutions – SQL Server has a proven track record for availability, those same concepts and techniques apply to SQL Server on Linux. Backups, Availability Groups, and Failover Clusters check it out.