Linux LFCE Learning Path Available at Pluralsight

I’m proud to announce the completion of my first Pluralsight Learning Path. This learning path is built to advance your Linux knowledge to the system administrator or system engineer level. In this series of courses you’ll learn the theory behind how things work and also practice demonstrations and tips to really nail home the things you need to know to run production Linux systems. 

The learning objectives of this series align with the Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE) certification “Domains and Competencies” however these courses will be very valuable to your development as a Linux professional even if you’re not interested in certification.

Thanks and good luck with your studies! 

Check out the path here – Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE)

  • LFCE: Advanced Linux Networking – this course is the network primer for the Linux professional, covering the OSI model, IP addressing, ARP and DNS, IP routing, routing on Linux, TCP internals and what to look for with things go wrong.
  • LFCE: Advanced Network and System Administration – in this course you’ll dive into managing network services with systemd, monitoring system performance, advanced package management and sharing data with NFS and Samba.
  • LFCE: Network and Host Security – here, you’ll look at security concepts, using iptables and TCP wrappers, firewalld, using OpenSSH and remote access tools and techniques.
  • LFCE: Linux Service Management HTTP Services – This course is all about Internet architecture and HTTP services. Installing, securing, SSL certificates and troubleshooting Apache.
  • LFCE: Linux Service Management Advanced HTTP Services – In this course you’ll learn how to build scalable Internet architectures with techniques like proxying and caching with Squid, we’ll also cover implementing advanced Apache features with modules.
  • LFCE: Linux Service Management Advanced Email Services – In this course, you will learn common email architectures, and you will explore installing Postfix. After that, you will look at common SMTP scenarios and learn how to secure email relay services and provide clients access to email with IMAP. Pluralsight logo vrt color 2