Speaking at SQLBits 2019

Speaking at SQLBits 2019!

I’m proud to announce that I will be speaking at SQLBits on March 2nd 2019! It’s been a goal of mine to speak at SQLBits for a few years now and I’m VERY excited for the opportunity! This year’s conference won’t let you down. Check out the amazing schedule of Experts and Microsoft MVPs!

If you haven’t been to SQLBits before, what are you waiting for! Sign up now!

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Here’s the details on my session!

Inside Kubernetes – An Architectural Deep Dive – March 2 2018 – 15:10 – Room 12

In this session we will introduce Kubernetes, we’ll deep dive into each component and its responsibility in a cluster. We will also look at and demonstrate higher-level abstractions such as Services, Controllers, and Deployments and how they can be used to ensure the desired state of an application and data platform deployed in Kubernetes. Next, we’ll look at Kubernetes networking and intercluster communication patterns. With that foundation, we will then introduce various cluster scenarios such as a single node, single head, and high availability designs. By the end of this session, you will understand what’s needed to put your applications and data platform in production in a Kubernetes cluster

Session Objectives:
Understand Kubernetes cluster architecture
Understand Services, Controllers, and Deployments
Designing Production Ready Kubernetes Clusters

Right before my session, in the same room at 13:45, my good friend Andrew Pruski will be delivering a session on Kubernetes as well! His session is: SQL Server and Kubernetes!

Be sure to come to both sessions, Andrew will get you started on your Kubernetes journey and I’ll dive deep into how Kubernetes works!