Speaking at SQLBits 2020

I’m proud to announce that I will be speaking at SQLBits! I had the absolute pleasure of speaking at SQLBits last year for the first time and saw first hand how great this event is and cannot wait to get back and speak again! And this year, I have two sessions!!! One on building and deploying container based applications in Kubernetes and the other on deploying SQL Server in Kubernetes

If you haven’t been to SQLBits before, what are you waiting for! Sign up now!

SQL Bits Excel London

Here’s the details for my sessions!

Practical Container Scenarios in Azure – April 2 2020 – 12:40PM

You’ve heard the buzz about containers and Kubernetes, now let’s start your journey towards rapidly deploying and scaling your container-based applications in Azure. In this session, we will introduce containers and the container orchestrator Kubernetes. Then we’ll dive into how to build a container image, push it into our Azure Container Registry and deploy it to our Azure Kubernetes Services cluster. Once deployed, we’ll learn how to keep our applications available and how to scale them using Kubernetes.

Key topics introduced

  • Building a container based application
  • Publishing containers to Azure Container Registry
  • Deploying Azure Kubernetes Services Clusters
  • Scaling our container-based applications in Azure Kubernetes Services

Deploying SQL Server in Kubernetes – April 3 2020 4:50PM

Are you thinking about running SQL Server in Kubernetes and don’t know where to start…are you wondering what you really need to know? If so, then this is the session for you! When deploying SQL Server In Kubernetes key considerations include data persistency, Pod configuration, resource management, and high availability/disaster recovery scenarios. In this session, we’ll look closely at each of these elements and learn how to run SQL Server in Kubernetes.

Learning Objectives

  • Deploying SQL Server in Kubernetes
  • Allocating Persistent Data Storage and configuring advanced disk topologies
  • SQL Server Specific Pod Configuration
  • Near zero-downtime upgrades
  • High availability and Disaster Recovery Scenarios 

Be sure to come to both sessions, learn how to build and deploy containers based applications in Kubernetes and also how to deploy SQL Server in Kubernetes!