New Pluralsight Course – Configuring and Managing Kubernetes Networking, Services, and Ingress

My new course “Configuring and Managing Kubernetes Networking, Services, and Ingress” is now available on Pluralsight here! Check out the trailer here or if you want to dive right in go here!
In this course you will learn Kubernetes cluster networking fundamentals and configuring and accessing applications in a Kubernetes Cluster with Services and Ingress.  

This course targets IT professionals that design and maintain Kubernetes and container-based solutions. The course can be used by both the IT pro learning new skills and the system administrator or developer preparing for using Kubernetes both on-premises and in the Cloud. 

Let’s take your Kubernetes administration and configuration skills to the next level and get you started now!

The modules of the course are:

  • Kubernetes Networking Fundamentals – In this module, you will learn Kubernetes networking fundamentals. We will start with the Kubernetes networking model and the motivation behind it, providing developers consistent and robust networking. You will learn cluster network topology, Pod networking internals and how CNI and network plugins implement the Kubernetes network model. Finally, we will learn how DNS is integrated into our cluster and how to configure the DNS Server and Pod DNS clients.
  • **Configuring and Managing Application Access with **Services Services are the core abstraction to access applications deployed in Kubernetes. In this module, you will learn the motivation for Services and how Services work. You will learn the types of Services available and when to choose which type for your application. We’ll dive deep and look at how Services are implemented in the cluster. You will then learn the key concepts of Service Discovery in a cluster, enabling applications you deploy to work together seamlessly. 
  • Configuring and Managing Application Access with Ingress – In this demo-heavy module you will learn how to expose applications outside of a Kubernetes cluster using Ingress. Starting with the core constructs Ingress and Ingress Controllers. You will learn how traffic flows from outside your cluster through the Ingress controller and to your Pod-based applications. We will learn how to define rules to access applications in several scenarios including single and multi-service access, name-based virtual hosts, and securing access to applications with TLS.


Check out the course at Pluralsight!