I'm Speaking at SQLBits 2022!

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I’m proud to announce that I will be speaking at SQLBits! I had the absolute pleasure of speaking at SQLBits in the past, both in person and virtual, and experienced first hand how great this event is and cannot wait to get back and speak again (in person)! And this year, I have several sessions with some of my best friends on our data community!!! One on building and deploying container based applications in Kubernetes and the other on deploying SQL Server in Kubernetes

If you haven’t been to SQLBits before, what are you waiting for! Sign up now!


Here’s the details for my sessions!

The Cloud Never Goes Down, Right?

Presenters: Matt Gordon and Anthony Nocentino

Where and When: ROOM 05 Fri 16:40 - 17:00

You’re an on-premises DBA, and management says it is time to migrate to the cloud. You want to make sure that you’re architecting things correctly and you’ve heard that the cloud doesn’t go down. We’ve got you covered. In this session, we’ll look at how to design for high availability and disaster recovery in the cloud and throw out some common misconceptions about cloud surrounding backups, downtime, and service levels. We’ll set you on the right path towards high availability and disaster recovery for common data architectures in the cloud by the end of this session.

Why is understanding Kubernetes important for your career as a Data Professional?

Presenters: Argenis Fernandez, Andrew Pruski, Ben Weissman, and Anthony Nocentino

Where and When: ROOM 01 Fri 17:10 - 18:00

Join us for a panel discussion on why we believe, that both - admins and developers - need to build a solid understanding about the impacts and benefits of containerized applications on their way to modernize their data platform estates.

We will start with a very brief intro on what containers and Kubernetes are, followed by sharing first hand experiences from real-life projects, discussing use-cases for Kubernetes and also limitations and obstacles that we’ve experienced.

You will leave not only with an understanding on what Kubernetes is but even more important: Why you should care about and start learning Kubernetes.

Let’s Talk Storage!

Where and When: ROOM 03 Sat 10:50 - 11:10

Presenter: Anthony Nocentino

In this session, you will learn where data lives in a computer system, and the key performance metrics used to understand the health and performance of your storage subsystem. Then, we will wrap up with a real-world scenario where a storage performance proved to be the bottleneck in the most mission-critical of workloads. After that, we’ll open it up for questions and dive into the storage topics YOU want to talk about either on-premises or in the cloud!