Updated Pluralsight Course – Maintaining, Monitoring and Troubleshooting Kubernetes

My updated course “Maintaining, Monitoring and Troubleshooting Kubernetes” is now available on Pluralsight here! If you want to learn about the course, check out the trailer here, or if you’re going to dive right in, check it out here!

This course will teach you to maintain, monitor, and troubleshoot production Kubernetes clusters.

This course targets IT professionals who design and maintain Kubernetes and container-based solutions. The course can be used by the IT pro learning new skills and the system administrator or developer preparing to use Kubernetes both on-premises and in the Cloud.

Let’s take your Kubernetes administration and configuration skills to the next level and get you started now!

The modules of the course are:

  • Maintaining Kubernetes Clusters - You will learn core Kubernetes cluster maintenance tasks in this module. We will start with a closer look at what etcd is, its services, and learn its backup and restore operations. Next, you will learn the cluster upgrade process, both on-premises and in the Cloud, enabling you to take advantage of new Kubernetes features and upgrade with zero downtime. Then finally, you will learn how to facilitate Worker Node maintenance, such as operating system upgrades with draining and cordoning.

  • Logging and Monitoring in Kubernetes Clusters - Monitoring and logging enable you to understand what’s happening inside your Kubernetes cluster. They can tell you how things are performing and when things go wrong. This module will look at the Kubernetes logging architecture, learning where logs are stored for the control plane, Nodes, and Pods, and how to access and review those logs. Then next, we’ll dive into how to monitor performance in your cluster and review some of the key metrics you will need to monitor in your cluster.

  • Troubleshooting Kubernetes Clusters - Something will inevitably go wrong in your cluster or the workload running on your cluster. This module will teach you the techniques needed to troubleshoot your Kubernetes cluster and the workload running in your cluster. We will start by introducing common troubleshooting methodologies and pain points in Kubernetes. Then you will learn how to debug and fix issues with your cluster, focusing on the control plane and worker nodes. The demo in this module will be real-world scenarios, and I will walk the viewer through the troubleshooting techniques to fix the issue and bring the cluster and its workload back online.

Check out the course at Pluralsight!