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What’s going on here?

So last week you may have seen this picture on Twitter…it went a little crazy…and you may have been wondering what are we up to? Well, last week I had the pleasure of filming a Pluralsight Play By Play. A Play By Play is a course on Pluralsight but in a slightly different format than you may be used to. A Play By Play bring together industry experts to discuss and demonstrate an emerging technology. This Play by Play is on “Microsoft Open Source PowerShell – PowerShell on Linux and Mac” and is available now and is FREE! You do not have to be a subscriber!

Open Source PowerShell

Jason, Jeffrey and Anthony (me)

A Motley Crew

The purpose of this Play By Play is to bring to you insider knowledge of Open Source PowerShell. We discuss why this is important and also how it works. To do that Pluralsight pulled together a team to bring this to you.

What’s Covered in the Course

We dive deep into PowerShell’s architecture, the reasoning behind going Open Source, and also how you can leverage this in your data center. It’s not just talk, we show you with many live demos highlighting how really things work. The course is broken into 7 modules and since we’re all computer scientists, we start with Module 0…naturally.

  • Module 0Introduction
  • Module 1Open Source PowerShell – Architecture, concepts and getting started
  • Module 2PowerShell on Linux and Mac – An overview for the Linux pro of how PowerShell works
  • Module 3PowerShell Remoting – An overview for the Linux pro of how PowerShell Remoting works
  • Module 4Common Management Tasks – Common operations in Linux that can be done with PowerShell
  • Module 5Advanced Functions – Building higher level tooling with PowerShell
  • Module 6Desired State Configuration – What is DSC and how it works

_The course is now available at Pluralsight! _

Personal Note

This was an incredible experience. I had to buckle down and learn PowerShell in about 6 weeks…I certainly didn’t want to make a fool of myself in front of the inventor of PowerShell and an industry recognized expert. The shoot lasted literally all day from 9-6PM. There’s a ton of material…you all will be very pleased. The key point to all of this is opening up PowerShell to multi-platform environments which is huge…TITANIC. This enables you to have one tool to manage a heterogenous data center. I’m taking this seriously and will continue to learn PowerShell. Thanks to Jason for guiding me along the way and sharing his knowledge with me you made this easy(er)! Thanks to Jeffrey for sharing your insight and vision. It was truly a pleasure. 

Behind the scenes!

Behind the scenes – Jason and Jeffrey