T-SQL Tuesday #140 Wrap up: What have you been up to with containers?

I want to start by saying thank you to all who submitted, and an amazing collection of people submitted some fantastic content. Also, thanks to Steve for asking me to host and being patient with me for mixing up the dates and the hashtag. It’s #tsql2sday and it’s on Tuesday not Wednesday :P Now, onto the posts in submission order. Rob Farley – On containers Rob discusses how he uses containers to quickly spin up SQL Server instances without installing them on his local OS, replacing the virtual machine-based environments he used in the past.

T-SQL Tuesday #140: What have you been up to with containers?

In recent years containers have come into the data platform world, exposing new technologies to data professionals. Microsoft put SQL Server in Linux, and shortly after that, SQL Server made its way into containers. SQL Server in Containers has become the foundation for things like Big Data Clusters and Azure Arc-enabled Data Services My invitation to you for this month’s #tsql2sday is… I want to invite you to share your experiences using containers and not just SQL Server in containers…