Pure Storage

Working With Tags in FlashArray using PowerShell

Introduction Purity is the operating environment that runs Pure Storage products like FlashArray and Cloud Block Store. Starting in Purity 6.0, you can assign tags to objects. This post shows you how to perform some basic tagging operations for volumes. What’s a Tag and Why Do I Care? A tag is a key/value pair that can be attached to an object in FlashArray, like a volume or a snapshot. Using tags enables you to attach additional metadata to objects for classification, sorting, and searching.

Monitoring with the Pure Storage FlashArray OpenMetrics Exporter

This post introduces you to the Pure Storage FlashArray OpenMetrics Exporter. It shows you how to get started quickly using Docker Compose so you can monitor your Pure Storage FlashArray environment. I implemented this in Docker Compose since that handles all the implementation and configuration steps for you. It specifically configures Prometheus’ data source and a Grafana dashboard for monitoring. The monitoring stack First, let’s break down each element in this monitoring stack since several pieces come together to provide you with a monitoring platform.

Pure Storage Flasharray SQL Server Snapshot Torture...You Kinda Asked for This

By Argenis Fernandez This post is archived here. Pleae reach out to me, Anthony Nocentino if you have any questions. I gotta admit, some of you are really hard to convince. I’ve been saying for years that given a large enough database size (or a really small RTO storage based snapshots should be Plan A for recovering the database in the event of a disaster. Yes, you will have a Plan B, likely native backups.